Educate a Child Project

Elmiskin center Camp

CATAI Initiate its education project to Educate a child project, focusing on strengthening school enrollment in affected areas and IDP Camps. The project was piloted for up to 4 month at Elmiskin center Camp,  one of the largest camps in Borno state, with population from worse hit areas, having a population of over 8647 and 1220 household, this population are mostly children between the ages of 6-17 leaving without having access to education which make them vulnerable to social abuse and influence of radicalized Ideology.

CATAI intervention gives an opportunity for almost 150  children to have basic knowledge of literacy and numeracy with access to psycho-social support to be a healing mechanism for affected populations that are passing through Trauma.

The project have recorded success in seeing progress in learning by the enrolled children within the school system.

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