Enhancing Prevention And Response Services For Child Survivors Of Gender-based Violence. “ Hadin Kan Mu Karfin Mu ”�

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The humanitarian crisis has persisted in Borno State, northeastern Nigeria, for over a decade. This, therefore, necessitated essential proactive, committed delivery and management of interventions in ways that supported those in need of livelihood, case 

management, peacebuilding, and PSS resilience due to the acute conflict context. It is vital that a conflict-sensitive lens focusing on the systemic reduction of vulnerabilities is applied across the board. This combined with in-depth gender-sensitive interactions that fully understand and respond to the diverse impacts of the conflict on men, women, boys, and girls and the special threat of gender-based violence to women and girls in this setting. 

International Alert, in partnership with the Centre for Advocacy, Transparency, and Accountability Initiative (CATAI), has worked for 10 months to implement the project – “Enhancing prevention and response services for child survivors of gender-based violence, including conflict-related sexual violence and protection from sexual exploitation and abuse in north-east Nigeria,” with a component on the principles and practices of peacebuilding, including dialogue, inclusivity, conflict resolution, and gender sensitivity. Identifying and case-managing survivors of GBV and Income generating activities to case-managed beneficiaries, with a holistic approach toward providing service and access to affected populations in 3 LGAs of Borno State, with target sites in Jere: Fori host community and Fori IDP camp in Jere LGA, Bama: GSSS IDP camp Bama LGA and Gwoza: GSSS IDP camp Gwoza LGA.

Within the period of intervention, the project targeted two hundred (200) vulnerable women and children with livelihood and asset building interventions in the safe spaces [50 survivors across the 4 project locations]. CATAI conducted the intervention in two (2) milestones targeting One hundred (100) beneficiaries of each of the milestones with a strong due diligence process in the identification of beneficiaries across the target locations.

International Alert, implemented and conducted Income Generating Activity (IGA) training programs for the 200 vulnerable women and young adolescent girls to build their business skills in economically viable trades of their preference. Training modules covered: business management, basic financial literacy, and management of cooperatives – the VSLA approach). This was achieved through the technical support of the IGA officers and community-based master trainers.

CATAI was able to deliver a qualitative and conflict-sensitive IGA training program, which was conducted in two tranches, to accommodate newly arrived and/or newly identified survivors. CATAI conducted a joint market assessment, with support from international alert staff, on the various prospectus businesses of choice by the beneficiaries. In the course of the project, CATAI supported the selected beneficiaries during saving and loan schemes (SLS) meetings and ensured that the cooperatives formed were self-sufficient, CATAI established and ran savings and loan cooperative schemes to effectively manage the income gained from their different businesses.